Women’s Initiative

How To Be an Agent of Your Own Success

Being an agent of your own success lowers your anxiety and increases your confidence. The ability to navigate high-stakes conversations, manage difficult people, deliver and receive feedback like a gift, network like a human, and increase your social capital gives you greater leverage to design a career and a life of your choosing.

This program focuses on:

  • How to build confidence through action
  • Redefining your relationship with Business Development
  • Managing high-stakes dialogue
  • Creating an Action Plan for Agency
  • Redefining your relationship with feedback

How to Build Your Own Network and Social Capital

Your social capital is the currency with which you access opportunity, build alliances and visibility, and grow a thriving book of business.

Learning to elegantly and ethically get noticed, find advocates, build key relationships with decision-makers, and get other perspectives is critical to success and leadership inside and outside of your organization.

This program focuses on:

  • Activities that increase your social capital
  • How to build a personal advisory board
  • How to have meetings with purpose and follow up with action
  • How to be strategic about where you choose to invest your time
  • Investing in your professional development

What Clients Have Said:

“Ms. Houghtailing’s address was filled with razor sharp humor, real world application, and powerful storytelling. The audience of 3,000 was riveted by her empowering speech. Ms. Houghtailing is exceptionally articulate, energizing and inspiring with a unique ability to engage and motivate a large audience.” – Jerome Horton, Chairman of the Board of Equalization

“Ann marie was the keynote speaker at our Inaugural Women’s Development Initiative event in October 2014. We were looking for a dynamic, accessible, and exciting speaker who could deliver a useful, thoughtful, and significant keynote address to a room full of successful women. Ann marie delivered a stellar presentation. Our guests were excited to have a solid take away that applied to everyone.” – Kelly Kosek, Partner at Hahn, Loeser & Parks LLP

“Ann marie has spoken at events for Lawyers Club of San Diego which I am a board member of. She is fantastically motivating, and has an understanding of issues women face like no one else I have ever met. She has specific insights to help women (and men) advance their careers and I recommend her highly.” – Teresa Beck, Partner at Lincoln, Gustafson & Cercos

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