The Storytelling of Selling using Narrative Imprinting™
Presentations & Consultations

Helping clients create dynamic emotionally intelligent presentations to engage, influence, and inspire action.

Humans crave story. Stories have been used to instill loyalty, morality and fear. Children may not trust their parents who tell them not to take candy from a stranger but the story of Hansel and Gretel incites fear and creates a deep memory of danger.

Storytelling has existed a long time – long before we had science to measure its impact. It is cross-generational and cross cultural. And as it turns out, our brains actually love a good story.

If we want to establish trust and build relationships, we have to create a narrative imprint. The ability to hold someone’s attention and create trust through narrative recognition is critical throughout the sales process from casual meetings to consultations and presentations.

We now know that storytelling creates a bond between teller and listener. Old modalities of features and benefits and mission statements are not effective or sustainable. Training sales people to be excellent communicators and storytellers accelerates the sales process, increases conversion rates and infuses the sales process with humanity and elegance. No one will remember the features and benefits of your product or service but they will never forget the story you told them about how you saved a company millions, increased revenue or transformed leadership.

This training will include:

  • An understanding of why our brains love storytelling
  • How to use character driven story to increase emotional connection, build trust and create relationships
  • How to evaluate current presentations to increase narrative impact
  • Threading narrative and questions throughout the sales process
  • How to use presentations and consultations to influence your audience
  • How to synthesize information into narrative
  • How to make your presentations and consultations memorable
  • How to increase conversion through narrative imprinting
  • How to be memorable
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