Storytelling is the most powerful tool non-profit organizations can leverage to accomplish their mission and raise awareness and money for their purpose.

People may not remember the features and benefits of your service, but they will never forget the story you told them about how you engaged community members to join your cause or raised critical funds for your organization to maintain its purpose.

Why is storytelling so powerful? Because of Narrative Imprinting™.

Narrative Imprinting™ is the process that we use to stitch stories into communication that synchronizes our brains with that of the listener, building trust and influence. Every aspect of business has the potential to build habitual trust through storytelling – leadership, coaching, business development, recruiting, fundraising, marketing, public relations, presentations, change management and so much more. Narrative Imprinting™ plays to our natural instincts as story animals that are hardwired for story. We want to leverage what we know about the brain to change how we behave in business.

We offer a variety of services to help non-profit organizations create dynamic, emotionally intelligent presentations and materials to engage, influence, and inspire action. We will show you how to make storytelling an integral part of your fundraising efforts, donor relations and stewardship endeavors, major giving, marketing,  branding and community outreach efforts.

Here’s a sampling of our suite of services:

  • Narrative Content Strategy
  • Storytelling and Fundraising/Development
  • Storytelling and Donor Relations and Stewardship
  • Storytelling Certification Program
  • Narrative Leadership and Coaching
  • Speaking and Training

Contact me today to learn more about how we can help you create a culture of storytelling in your non-profit organization.