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“Ann Marie won the competition for a speaking slot at TEDx SanDiego 2012 for local people with a great story and a big idea. She was brilliant, well spoken, fabulously well received and an absolute pleasure to work with.
She creative, funny, and delivered her talk as well as any of our nationally recognized speakers. Joy to know her.”
– Jack Abbott, CEO of TEDx San Diego

“Ann marie is a visionary and a motivator with an uncanny way of taking a complicated situation and synthesizing it down to workable parts. As a business woman, actor, writer and speaker – she is intuitive, intelligent, thoughtful, humorous and innovative. She takes the challenges life presents and transforms them into opportunities then into inspirational words of wisdom that we all can benefit from. Truly one of the most unique and talented people you will ever meet.”
– Mary Lou Carolan, Community Development and Marketing Expert

“I would like to tell you a story. There was once an international lawyer who didn’t want to be an international lawyer any more. She wanted to be a cross cultural business consultant and a thought-leader that would drive the benchmark for business, political and civic global communication. It was a lofty task; the world did not seem ready for the concept. Along came Ann Marie Houghtailing to the rescue. She helped the lawyer become the thought-leader and that thought-leader is now the consultant for some of the largest companies in the world, some of the most important governmental bodies, and some of the most prestigious universities. End of story … except to say … that I have never met a more dedicated, capable or action-oriented sales consultant in my life, nor do I ever expect to. If you are thinking of using her, I will tell you before you begin, that it is money well spent.”
– Denise Pirrotti, CEO Universal Consensus

“Ann marie has spoken at events for Lawyers Club of San Diego which I am a board member of. She is fantastically motivating, and has an understanding of issues women face like no one else I have ever met. She has specific insights to help women (and men) advance their careers and I recommend her highly.”
– Teresa Beck, Partner Law Offices of Lincoln, Gustafson & Cercos

“Ann marie is, simply put, AMAZING. She has now presented classes to our members on Networking, Getting More Clients, Closing Sales, and Making Yourself an Expert, and we keep bringing her back for more because she has so many good ideas and her humor is infectious. And our 888 members can’t get enough of her. She now has a fan club of GSDBA members, she is so dynamic. Even the most experienced professionals in sales have come to me after one of her presentations and admitted that they got more than one excellent new idea from her. That’s saying something. We couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.”
– Tom Luhnow, CEO Greater San Diego Business Association