Small Group Coaching

Small group coaching demands a high level of trust, confidentiality,
commitment, and accountability. A well-facilitated group processes
individual issues through a Socratic method of discovery and helps
individuals reach their highest potential.

Group dynamics help to inform some of the content and shape the tone
of the group but the following are topics that are consistently addressed in
small groups:

  • Rules of engagement for creating a high-performance coaching group
  • How to avoid combative language
  • How to deliver and receive feedback
  • Why follow up matters
  • Accountability
  • Leaving a legacy – what do you want people to say behind your back?
  • Developing a personal brand
  • Level appropriate marketing and business development
  • How to manage high stakes conversations
  • Executive presence
  • How to ask with elegance
  • Time management and discipline
  • How to own your career
  • Behaviors that damage your brand
  • How to identify and address obstacles that are in the way of your growth
  • Relationship development
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