Ann marie Houghtailing has traveled the world speaking and training leaders and corporations on a wide variety of topics, which include storytelling, leadership, business development and inclusion. Houghtailing’s notable clients include global law firms, Uber, Google, U.S. Trust, Bank of America, California Women’s Conference, Lawyers Club, California Board of Equalization, BDO, Smithsonian SERC Board, University of San Diego, Cal Western School of Law and Jefferson Law School. Her humor, energy and command of story distinguish her as an utterly unique and memorable presenter.

*All programs can be delivered and customized as a keynote or training based on the client’s objectives.

We are all a story. Story defines who we are and how we engage with others. Great leaders are great communicators. Building strong teams, creating change, overcoming struggle, and the ability to influence behavior is dependent upon the credibility and authority of a given leader. But how does one inspire, elevate and motivate an organization to rise to its highest potential? The key to all relationships is our capacity to build trust.

Research indicates that our brains love story. We hardwired for story. Storytelling builds trust, credibility, and cooperation. When we use storytelling correctly we can build relationships and influence outcomes.

Participants will learn:

  • How storytelling impacts the brain
  • How to create a narrative structure
  • How to use storytelling to influence behavior
  • How to understand your identity through narrative
  • How your story impacts your leadership style
  • How story listening impacts the limbic brain