Imprinting happens throughout the animal kingdom. When a chick identifies with it’s mother and follows her – this is imprinting. Humans imprint through story. When you learn how to organically and authentically stitch story throughout your interactions, you become more influential and powerful.

Narrative Imprinting ™ is the process that we use to stitch stories into communication that synchronizes the storyteller’s brain with that of the listener, building trust and influence.

Every aspect of business has the potential to build habitual trust through storytelling. Leadership, Coaching, Business Development, Recruiting, Professional Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Presentations, Change Management and so much more. Storytelling is the single most powerful tool in every place that there is an opportunity to move people or impact behavior.

Narrative Imprinting™ plays to our natural instincts as story animals that are hardwired for story. The body of research that storytelling is critical to collaboration, cooperation and compassion continues to grow in neuroscience and social science. We want to leverage what we know about the brain to change how we behave in business.