For nearly a decade, I’ve worked to help my clients create businesses from the ground up, negotiate millions of dollars in salary increases, and built strategies for multi-million dollar books of business. Now, I want to increase my own impact by working with people who are broadening their impact.

The professionals I help – from CEOs and athletes to politicians and attorneys – are already successful. They self-identify as influencers and thought leaders who are shaping their corner of the world, and now they want to use their success for a greater purpose.

To achieve that, they need a confidential adviser dedicated to supporting high-level personal and business decisions that will improve the quality of their lives, shape their legacy, and optimize their professional and social imprints. My clients have a high level of self-awareness and are striving to realize their full potential in all areas of their lives to better lead themselves and others.

Every client is completely unique and therefore I tailor my coaching process to reflect the individuality of my clients. My approach integrates cognitive behavior, narrative coaching, and strategic planning.

I am deeply committed to ensuring that everyone I encounter is well suited to my process. If we are not a fit, I will refer you to trusted colleagues who will serve you at the highest standard.

To accelerate the evaluation and intake process, we ask that you fill out the following questionnaire.
**We will be in contact to direct you to the next steps in the process within 48 hours of receiving your answers. Thank you for your time and consideration.