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Hello you fabulous human!

I’ve been out of touch. Forgive me. It’s been an action packed year filled with business and personal travel, sending my first boy off to college and squeezing in a little writing now and again. We have a new website, I’m doing a lot of training with how to use storytelling to convert presentations and consultations, and we have put some of our training online. The speaking engagements and training for high converting presentations and consultations have been a huge part of my practice this year and have taken me all over the country.

Here are some links to recent articles I’ve written that might amuse you:

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Every year I send a list of my favorite things. The truth is that these aren’t all “things” as in material objects that can be wrapped necessarily, but they are things that have in some way improved the quality of my life.

Here is this year’s list of a Few of My Favorite Things:

retreat1. Day Retreats
My most creative, productive workdays are when I’m able to unplug, leave my desk and take a field trip. I still bring my laptop along but I allow myself to see a movie, take a walk or read in between work. The result is that I’m energized and more focused. I highly recommend giving it a whirl.

googleflights2. Google Flights
This year I booked all of my personal travel through Google Flights. I found it to be much cheaper than all of the other aggregate sites and extremely easy to use. If you aren’t using it yet, be sure to check it out, and if you have found a superior solution, please let me know.


kidsturn3. Kid’s Turn
For the last two years, I’ve donated all of the proceeds of my show, Raising Humans, to Kid’s Turn. They are great people who do good work. If you’re interested in doing some giving, please consider them.


jam4. Stonewall Garlic and Onion Jam
Before you judge, put this on a sourdough baguette with some truffle cheese and take a big bite. You’ll probably write me a thank you note for giving you such joy. It is insanely yummy.


serial5. The Moth
If you want to enjoy the intimacy of great story telling, there’s nothing better than The Moth. I like to put my headphones on and listen in the evening. It’s so incredibly beautiful and will make you laugh and sometimes cry. You should also know that the second season of Serial is out which is spectacular. Here are links to both.

macbook6. My MacBook Air
Yes, it’s gold and so incredibly light. It’s allowed me to write in all sorts of places where I wouldn’t want to lug my laptop. As a writer, I cannot recommend it enough. It’s such a delicious treat and more than one person has stopped to admire the sexy devil. That’s how hot it is.


newyears7. New Year’s cards
If you’re like me, the end of the year drops on you like a boulder. Stacks of holiday cards correlate with an increase in my anxiety about all of the cards I didn’t send to people. New Year’s cards give you more time and are more likely to be remembered because they aren’t competing with so many other cards. If you haven’t managed to get anything out for the holiday, fret not, and send a Happy New Year’s card instead.

aspen8. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on attending the Socrates Seminar at the Aspen Institute several years ago. If you are looking for an interesting place to examine the issues of our time with profoundly interesting people, the Aspen Institute is the place to go. I truly valued the experience and often think about going back. All of the programming is superb and intellectually rich.

cardetail9. Car detailing
If you’re thinking of giving someone a gift they will truly appreciate, get them car detailing from a mobile provider. Someone coming to your home to make your car feel new again is such a delicious gift. It’s a great little luxury.

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