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1. Stop trying to sell to people and start trying to help people.

2. Ask for business, referrals and support – just make sure you are asking from a place of worthiness.

3. Build your social capital. Your social capital is something that no one can take from you.

4. Network like a human. Don’t worry about pitching everyone you come in contact with. Learn about the people you meet and try to help them.

5. Be a resource.

6. Stop telling yourself you aren’t good at business development.

7. Look people in the eye and know how to shake someone’s hand. It matters.

8. Learn how to introduce people.

9. Don’t trash your competition; rise above them.

10. Invest in your professional development. You are your greatest asset.

11. Learn to fail with grace.

12. Elevate yourself as an expert in your field.

13. Learn how to listen. Listening is not waiting for your turn to talk.

14. Take risks.

15. Treat people with decency. People won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

16. Don’t take anything personally.

17. If you see someone standing alone at a networking event, invite him or her into your group.

18. Your attitude and beliefs inform your truth. You cannot adjust your behavior until you adjust your attitude.

19. You can’t wait for everything to be perfect to begin. You have to start and refine as you go.

20. Share your story. Don’t get stuck in your features and benefits.

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