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Long, long ago before I went off to college I went to a proper drama school. Shocking – I know. I spent a good portion of my youth learning stage combat, improvisation and studying scenes and people, conflict and comedy. It was a glorious education. Drama school sounds like one of those indulgences of youth that have no place in the real world, but nothing could be further from the truth. I learned about discipline, humanity, and what it means to collaborate and elevate those you create with. Nothing, I mean nothing I’ve ever done has taught me more about the importance of story telling, the value of listening, and how to connect with people. All of these things have contributed to the way I teach, coach, guide, live and do business. Theater was never a thing I left behind; it was merely expressed differently.

This year I am performing two separate shows and donating all of the money to two charities. I dearly hope you will join us and help support these incredibly organizations and bring your energy and heart to a place very sacred to me – the theater!




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