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Not knowing how to negotiate is expensive but if you’re a woman – it’s costing you A LOT! Depending on your education level, you might be losing anywhere from $700.000-$2 million over the course of your lifetime by failing to negotiate your salary, opportunities, or contracts. This impacts every entrepreneur, attorney, accountant, veterinarian and yea, you! What ever it is that you do. That’s the money side. Negotiation is literally a million dollar skill, but there’s much more than money at stake. Women give away their time, sometimes their power, and many struggle mightily to negotiate their worth financially and otherwise.

The ability to negotiate your value is (at the risk of being dramatic) transformational. Every single client who has negotiated his or her worth is forever changed in more ways than I can possibly express. Unfortunately, asking for your worth, opportunity, or recognition is fraught with intense feelings born from our upbringing, cultural context, and personal history. It’s not just a skill we need to learn, it’s a heap of intense feelings of anxiety we have to overcome.

On April 8th – Pay Equity Day, I will be holding my first negotiation workshop. My approach to negotiation is beyond just the skills, but include harnessing the necessary emotional strength to address not accepting less, asking for more, and facing the anxiety that comes with claiming your worth. The bar for this workshop is HIGH. I’ve been developing and refining the content for two years to deliver the highest impact.

Negotiation is not just part of my business, it’s become part of my personal mission to help women achieve equity so that we can start creating meaningful change together. I’ve even started a documentary on the issue entitled, Architecting Our Own Glass Ceiling.

I hope to see you on April 8th.  It’s no big deal- just a few hours to change your life and redefine your future.




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