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On a semi-regular basis I get e-mails asking when I’ll be performing my show again. Touring Renegade Princess was among the greatest joys and accomplishments of my life for so many reasons. I will not lie, the critical acclaim was certainly incredibly satisfying and to pretend it didn’t matter would be disingenuous. Having said that, it was really all the love that went into and came out of that show that made it so very special to me. Love for my children, my writing, performing, and the love that comes with putting something into the world larger than me. I was incredibly fortunate to have so, so many friends see the show in San Diego and then travel to Santa Fe, New York, Chicago and San Francisco when it toured. Yes, these are amazing people. I was awe struck to have those I loved with me. Many friends, colleagues and business associates have seen the show many times. When I returned from New York friends, Scot McDougall and Karen Van Dyke were waiting with a mock red carpet and flowers to welcome me home. From top to bottom the entire experience was like eating magic.

Now I have this show and it occurs to me that this work can still have a purpose and life and act in love and service to others. It is with this premise that Renegade Princess will be performed for two nights with all the proceeds going to UR Charities to help people with special needs. I get to show up and do work that I dearly love, for a small price people will be entertained, and then that money gets to do something good. The really beautiful thing about theater is that it’s a singular experience and we all get to share an evening together that can never be replicated again in quite the same way. I hope you will help us create a bit of theater and do a bit of good together in an act of love. If you can’t make the show, please share the link with friends and invite others to join us.


Check out the reviews & trailer for the show:

Renegade Princess – The Dream from Ann marie Houghtailing on Vimeo.

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