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People confess all manner of things to me, some of those things are business related, some are personal, and others are deeply personal.  The most common confession is one that is confessed with some sidestepping and careful construction so as not to be misunderstood or appear boastful. The confession goes something like this, “I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I am very good at what I do. I’m as good or better than anyone out there but I’m frustrated because I know I’m not getting as much business or making as much money as I could be.” This confession doesn’t come tumbling out. It’s slowly and painfully revealed. The confession sometimes carries the sting of bitterness of not being rewarded for working so hard or the shame of not realizing their full potential. It’s maddening to be surrounded by people telling you that you’re the cat’s pajamas when you feel more like something in the cat’s litter box! Not fully realizing your potential is like a carrying around a heavy rock every minute of the day. It’s exhausting and over time becomes nearly unbearable.

The reason that not reaching your full potential is such a common confession is that it’s really hard to realize your greatest self. Saying you’re ready to do the work is quite different from being ready to do the work. Clients that are deeply committed to change have to do things they have never done, address issues they’ve never faced, feel things that are uncomfortable and come back for more next week. If it was easy everyone would be earning what they deserve, doing work they love and realizing their full potential. This is not easy. Like a pointillism painting, you cannot see when you’re in the dots.

This isn’t a JUST DO IT post. This is a reminder. When you sit at the traffic light, grab your coffee at your local café or head up in the elevator to you office, you’re probably surrounded by other people who also want to rise to their greatest self and fully realize their decadent dream. It’s hard to commit to writing a book, negotiating a raise, going after the biggest client of your life, asking someone to forgive you, asking for an opportunity and claiming your place in the world. It’s not the work of the weak of stomach, heart or character. Your full potential might scare you or others and it may be easier to stay right where you are. That’s up to you.

I can only tell you that from the years of doing this very privileged work there is nothing more extraordinary than witnessing someone rise to their greatest self. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve got to see someone soar. It never gets old. Never.

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