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It was almost five years ago that I started living what I call, my life as a unicorn. Life as a unicorn means I do work I really love, with people who value you me and I get to work on my own terms. Oh! And I would have the nerve to do this when people were deeply grateful to have jobs they hated because there were so few jobs to have in the first place. Life as a unicorn sounded better than say, life as a naïve moron.

Life as a unicorn requires risk so a unicorn’s path is not for the feeble of stomach or heart. Only brave souls need apply. Having said that I made plenty of mistakes. Some were minor and some less minor and some downright horrifying. The downright horrifying ones come at a cost both emotional and sometimes financial.


I was highly motivated to crack the code of unicorn existence because I wanted a life that allowed me to stay home with my sons without apology and to be able to write and tour my one-woman show. It wasn’t for me about making money alone, but living an integrated life that allowed me to do meaningful work and still be a human. Before I had this life I thought it was reserved for the privileged few that knew some handshake that I wasn’t taught. In fact, there are some important things you need to know, but it’s not so mystical as you might imagine.

I didn’t have a lot of other unicorns to get guidance from, and frankly some unicorns will bite your freaking horn off rather than share information. So after weeping rainbows and soothing my ego with lollipops I got pretty damned good at this life.

When people ask me what’s most important I don’t say things like “follow your passion”. Honestly, following your passion, and this comes from a unicorn – isn’t always the answer. I’m in favor of passion but passion alone won’t help you grow a business take it from a unicorn a bit of planning and decision-making goes a long way.

Frankly, I don’t think that I’m all that special. I simply wanted to work for people and with people who were excited, engaged, and ethical. I never look at the clock. Not ever. I don’t worry about balance because every moment of work and life is purposeful. Plenty people have no desire for this kind of freedom because their highest value is security and jobs do indeed present the illusion of certainty if not actual certainty.

If you do want this life at some point you have to realize that the ideal moment will not come. I was not lucky to lose my job. There were plenty of better moments to build this path, but build it I did despite the circumstances. Every week of the year someone confesses in person or via e-mail that they want the life of a unicorn. Every week. There are some very practical things that will shorten the distance and save you a lot of time and money.

People who build a platform need a lot of moving parts and have to make a lot of decisions. Make those decisions wisely. Work with people you trust and commit to your work and DO SOMETHING. People dream of life as a unicorn but come up with 1,000 reasons they can’t possibly live it. You need to find one reason you can. Just one skinny little reason and then you can fatten that reason up. If you know that you are ready. I mean KNOW that you’re ready and committed then I would invite you to look at our Coaching and Consulting Launch package, which will give you everything you need to launch your coaching and consulting business.  I spent a lot of time figuring these pieces out and that time cost me. I’m not a hard sell kind of girl. This really is for a very small number of people, but if you are one of those people we would love to help you launch!

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