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So last year in a desperate attempt to come up with an end of year blog post, I wrote about a few of my favorite things. It was a huge hit and I got a ton of e-mails so I’ve decided that laziness came early this year and I would send a few of my favorite things a bit early. In no particular order – drum roll please…

1. The only sales book I ever recommend, Daniel Pink’s, To Sell is Human. Pink really does treat sales with more thought, study, and elegance than anyone I know; rather than the standard flash, slick antiquated phrases, Pink’s book has depth. Please also feel free to buy 100 copies of How I Created a Dollar Out of Thin Air. It’s not a sales book but I did write it so I feel compelled to shamelessly plug it in this list. And If you buy 500 copies I will come and take you to lunch.  *Proof of purchase required.


I probably look at UpWorthy once a day and sometimes more. It’s filled with inspiring stories about seemingly ordinary people being extraordinary. It costs NOTHING but gives you hope in humanity, nudges you to be a better human and forces you to do away with excuses and go out into the world and do something! It’s because of all those incredible people that I am humbly working on several projects to make the world a little better. Do yourself a favor and watch it every now and again. Here’s a favorite of mine that I originally saw on UpWorthy.

If you watch this whole thing and don’t cry, then go and get your heart and tear ducts examined immediately! You’re probably a rock.

3. If you love tea or know a tea drinker, I highly recommend Marco Polo by by Mariage Freres. This tea is completely delicious and special and I promise this company doesn’t even know who I am so I get nothing for saying this. I’m a big fan of useable gifts for people like special tea, wine, honey or stationary that they might not buy for them selves but is really special.

4. If you have a party or event in San Diego I HIGHLY recommend this photo booth company I can’t tell you how much joy this brought people at my book launch and equally important, the people who own this company are really fine human beings. I love a business with a soul. I was truly astonished at just how much fun and connection this brought to my event.

5. Socrates Seminars at the Aspen Institute. Several years ago I attended a seminar on privacy and the Internet. It was truly phenomenal. If you want to work out your brain with extraordinarily accomplished people in a beautiful setting. Take the time to attend. It’s a great gift to yourself.

6. Small acts of recognition. Think about taking the time to write a recommendation on LinkedIn- I mean a thoughtful, well written one that truly expresses your gratitude. Send someone a framed copy of an article they published, nominate someone for an award; be creative but make an effort to reach out to people in small, meaningful ways.

7. Under REALLY special gifts I recommend and am deeply in love with designer Sarah Drake who designs family crests for clients. This is a gift that will be passed down for generations to come. This is a beautiful personal gift that will never be forgotten and endure over time and is beautiful gift for families, parents or couples getting married.

8. Last year my very favorite Pandora station was Pink Martini. I have to confess that I think that’s still true. However, another favorite is Eartha Kitt. GRRRROWL. She is such an original and I do so love originals.

9. For foodie friends who love cheese plates, tea or oatmeal, nothing is more fabulous than golden honey. Getting a gift from Bee Raw is pure amber decadence. It’s a great family gift because everyone can enjoy honey – unless they’re allergic in which case they can regift it to a non- allergic family.

10. Be original. I’m a fan of original artwork. There are no posters in my house. Scour your city for new artists and start collecting their work or sharing it with others as a gift. You’d be surprised at the beautiful, affordable work you can find. There’s nothing like supporting an artist and having something that no one else in the world owns complete with a story that you can share.

Now that I’ve shared a few of my favorite things, I would love for you to share a few of your best resources, gifts, and indulgences. Maybe I can eke out another blog post with all of your ideas!

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