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This happens every year. As the year winds down to one big orange, red and green, pumpkin, turkey, Christmas tree coma, everyone behaves as if the end of the year is shot. Do you have any idea what this means? It means you assume that for about a quarter of the year, you can’t bother to get any business. This is some pretty dismal math. While it’s true that some businesses do indeed slow towards the end of the year, things do not come to a screeching halt for most businesses. Between the sugar at Halloween and the tryptophan at Thanksgiving everyone wants to rest their brain – I get it. Oddly, I find my business spikes towards the end of the year because believe it or not some businesses are ready to position themselves for the coming year and rather than wait three months to start, they start NOW!

For those of you who have your 2014 strategic plan drafted and are still working your 2013 plan – congratulations you magical rock star! Discipline and commitment are tough to hold onto at this time of year, but stay strong because the payoff is enormous.

For those of you carving a pumpkin while you order your Thanksgiving centerpiece and get ready for Santa, I advise you to end this year with a bang! Roll up your sleeves, pull out that 2014 calendar and start plotting your course. Hey, if you want to throw back an Eggnog while you’re building next year’s pipeline, go for it! Just don’t wait for January to start your planning.

And keep reaching out to clients and prospects; and think about just one more business development thing you can do to end the year strong. If you add one activity to the end of the year, you might get one more client or simply move a relationship a little further along. This is time well spent. Arrange a simple happy hour to reconnect or arrange a few. Set up a lunch and learn to kick start everyone’s 2014 strategic plan! Now there’s an idea. Have a post Thanksgiving netwalking event where everyone meets in Balboa park to walk off their Thanksgiving dinners and reconnect. There are endless ways to creatively energize your end of the year activity. Do something that will create more connection, more continuity, and more energy. Don’t wait to be surprised by 2014.

Our end of the year is filled with meetings, new clients, events and LOTS of planning and loads of fun. Happy Hallothanksmas! Keep building – the year is not yet over!

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