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I really know pretty much nothing about hockey but I have always loved Wayne Gretzky’s quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I take a lot of shots. Some are long shots and most are in full view of the world. I remember when I auditioned for TEDx and thought nothing of telling people that I was auditioning. I would get responses like, “You must be really confident. I would worry that I wouldn’t get it so I would never tell anyone.” It was a kind of warning meant to protect me from potential disappointment.

I wasn’t particularly confident. If I didn’t make it I would simply try again. There is no shame in trying. I have benefited from being the dark horse or small fish – pick your metaphor. I have grown into every opportunity that’s been given to me. The shame for me would come from never stepping forward or raising my hand and always shrinking from possibility. If you never take the shot what exactly do you gain? I suppose you never risk failure but that seems to me an exceedingly meager goal fraught with the heartache of so much longing and waste. It’s incredibly liberating to shed your fear of failure and judgment. You will never get published, get your next big job, meet the love of your life, or travel the world if you’re afraid it will go wrong. Very often it doesn’t go your way and SO WHAT!

This month I’m taking another long shot. I’m submitting an application to present at SXSW 2014.

PanelPicker_Vote_14-blogThere are 3,000 applicants so my chance is slim, I mean like super model on a starvation diet slim. That said, I’ve had such a good time preparing the application and marketing the presentation. I’ve laughed hard and long with my team, I’ve learned a hell of a lot and none of this experience feels wasteful and while I REALLY REALLY want to present, I won’t be embarrassed if I miss the shot.

If you have a moment I would appreciate if you could take a couple minutes to vote. This is not a thing I ask people to do, I mean I’m asking you now, but I’ve not asked before. I promise I won’t be asking you to help vote me on to a reality show or help me win a car anytime soon, but this matters to me and I would value your support. If voting or liking it on FaceBook is too much of a commitment – I won’t hold it against you.

This month I invite you to take a long shot. Go ahead. Be bold. Hell why don’t you post your long shot in the comments section of this post. If you make the shot we’ll help you celebrate and if you miss, we’ll encourage you to try again.

Thank you all for reading and being a part of this journey. It’s quite a ride and I enjoy the company~

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