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I know, I know. Martha Stewart is some crazy perfectionist that makes us all feel inferior about our towel folding and she’s probably not nice to everyone. Listen, I’m more interested in the fact that she’s managed to build an empire telling people how to properly make a bed, store Christmas lights, and carve a pumpkin. It’s kind of incredible if you ask me. The woman went to prison and instead of buying an island to retire on, she emerged wearing a knitted poncho given to her by her cellmates and went off to make a gazillion more dollars. Is she nice? I don’t have any idea, but probably no nicer than Bill Gates, Donald Trump, or any other mogul.

Martha Stewart

Her products, work ethic, and exceptional toughness are impressive. Whether you love her or hate her, this is a woman of extraordinary accomplishments, who was a stockbroker, a model, and is now a mogul. Now we learn that Martha is apparently on Everyone has an opinion about this and most of them are harsh and unkind opinions because well Martha is Martha, and she’s a woman of a certain age. Apparently, Martha wouldn’t mind a kiss and a cuddle after a long day of ruling her empire, and why the hell not?

This week Martha wrote a blog on LinkedIn entitled It’s Never Too Late To Bloom. I love that Martha, who never needs to work another day in her life is acknowledging the value of a creative life towards the end of our life. In a culture that suggests that if you haven’t gotten the noble prize by the time you’re thirty then you’re probably useless I adore that Martha tells us that she didn’t write her cookbook until she was forty which is practically ancient in our youth obsessed culture.

Stewart is someone who truly lived her decadent dream and found a way to earn an enormous, heart-stopping amount of money doing exactly what she loved AND making a whole lot of people happy. That’s right she makes people happy. People love all things Martha, which is why everyone is happy to buy a dishtowel blessed with the Martha Stewart brand. How many people do you know who can make money talking about the best dog food bowl to buy or how to store lettuce? I only know of one! If a woman can build an empire on everyday living, then I say “It’s a Good Thing” and I’m happy to be a student. If Martha can change the world through baking and gardening well good for her!

Martha Stewart elevated the domestic and then charged people for her genius, she’s gone to jail and elected reinvention instead of a shameful retreat from public life; and now she has the audacity to suggest that success, fulfillment and yes, maybe even love can be achieved for those north of thirty five. Martha Stewart you are a marvel. Keep surprising us!

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