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1. According to Houghtailing means: (Origin Dutch) From Hoofd, head or chief, and telling, counting or telling, that is, head clerk or accountant; a money-master, a money-collector. Hough, hauff, haife, a pile, a lump; dell, to pay, give over. Saxon, daelan; Dutch, deelen; German, theilen, to separate, give, pay over.

How much do I love that my name means money master? What are the odds of this? And since I found it on the Interwebs you know that it has to be an empirical fact.

2. In 1995 I spent a year teaching English in Japan. I deliberately chose a non-western culture because I wanted to do something that would challenge me. I count that year as one of the most intellectually, emotionally, and personally enriching years of my life. Being in a country where you are functionally illiterate and have very little hope of learning more than basic pleasantries is humbling and gives you a singular opportunity to return to a curious and simple time. I left Japan humbled and inspired to always challenge myself to choose adventure over comfort. Nearly twenty years later, this lesson continues to serve my life and inform my business.

3. Every year I take on a big project. My one woman show, Renegade Princess, my book How I Created a Dolllar Out of Thin Air and The Millionaire Girls’ Movement were all born from my one year project format. What will this year’s project be? This year I’m going to take up spelunking. Okay, that’s not true, you’ll just have to stay tuned for the real answer.

4. Prior to going to college I went to a professional drama school for one year and learned voice, stage combat, movement, scene study, and character development. I consider that education as critical to my success as any educational endeavor I’ve ever pursued. The work taught me to listen, push myself, work with others to produce the highest product, collaborate, and think critically. I was the youngest person in the drama school and had to get special permission to attend. It was joyous, exciting, painful, and ultimately extraordinary.

5. I have experienced more rejection than wins in sales, writing, and theater. It is the very nature of my business and creative life that I will experience more rejection than success. Some of my writing is published and lots of it isn’t. Many business opportunities close and some never come to fruition. This intimate relationship with rejection has made me resilient, sharp, humble, and has given me great perspective.

Coaching and training is a very intimate business. In order to be effective I am privy to my clients’ struggles, fears, triumphs, failures and desires. It is in this spirit that I share a bit about myself this week.

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