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Like you, I have to serve my clients. Frequently, I’m entrenched with designing training, consulting calls and presentations leaving me little time to develop new business. So how do you build a business when you have no time? The answer is to optimize the time you do have even when it’s meager.

1 hour: If you have an hour, focus on follow up. Fortune is in the follow up and follow up is where we all fall down. Pick up the phone or go down your list and e-mail prospects, referral sources and current clients. An hour spent on follow up is an hour well spent.

25 minutes: Create a business development To Do list for tomorrow. Register for events you want to attend this month, identify past clients you need to contact and create a list of potential channel partners. In 25 minutes you can write a pretty good activity list. The key is to start going down the list the very next day.

15 minutes: Do one of the activities on your To Do List that you created thanks to this ingenious blog post. Since you’ve already identified what needs to be done, you can focus on just one or two activities that can be done in fifteen minutes.

5 minutes: Go to the bathroom. There might not be a lot of business development opportunity in the bathroom, but for sure you’re going to be more productive with an empty bladder. If you’re a camel and don’t need to use the bathroom. I recommend sitting at your desk and breathing or walking around the block. Giving your brain a little break is a good use of time and will serve you far better than any activity you can squeeze into five minutes.

Business development is all about discipline. The reality is sometimes business gets in the way of business development. The key is to make sure that you don’t abandon all BD activity while you’re busy with business. I have built discipline into the calendars of many an overwhelmed client and believe it or not creating discipline is how you create more control and lower stress.


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