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When people ask me what I do for a living I simply say, “I teach people how to make more money.” Everyone asks how I do this. This is a longer answer, but basically I help people monetize their service or product and sell more of what ever it is that they sell. While I coach, train, and consult people into bigger revenue streams and higher income brackets, I’m always striving to do that in a fashion that never compromises their character. If you want to generate more revenue you’re going to have to do some things out of your comfort zone, but you should never have to do something outside of your character or values. When people on planes and in restaurants want my one big tip that will help them earn more – they’re generally disappointed by my response. I don’t have a trick phrase that will mesmerize a prospect to buy or a magical activity that will have checks flooding to your mailbox because making money is not voodoo. My big tip is to get on the same side of the table. You’re probably thinking, what in the hell does that mean?

Here’s what I mean. Be accessible rather than arrogant. Be an advocate rather than an adversary and be human.

Let’s be perfectly honest, I’m not roaming the earth serving humanity, leading an ascetic life, but I do see my professional life as trying to solve problems and serve people. This very simple philosophy informs everything I do from consultations to referrals to training, coaching and consulting. I think my job is to make people better at this business of making money. Once you know how your work serves people, it’s much easier to communicate your value and generate more revenue.

How do you do this in your own business?

1. In one sentence answer the question, “How do I serve people?”

2. Be an ally to your clients and prospects. Inform instead of manipulate, help instead of coerce, and listen instead of talk.

3. Make your goals to solve people’s problems not fill your quota. If you do this – the money will come.

4. Don’t “sell” your prospect why you’re superior instead ask what your prospect needs.

5. Be a resource not a nuisance. Provide people with valuable information and direction. This is much more important than simply promoting yourself.

If you do these things you’ll start making more money and feel good about how you make that money.

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