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1. This month in Fast Company, Max Chafkin writes about VC whiz and superstar picker Kevin Rose, “It’s a funny thing: At ground zero of the information revolution, pickers like Rose still make most of their discoveries in person. For them, the important currency of our digital world is not code; it’s conversation.”

I love this because it’s everything I believe in and teach; and reflects that even in the most financially dynamic and powerful circles of money moving and innovation, the capacity to connect is more, not less critical. People sell ideas that are nothing more than air based on their capacity to communicate. Once you learn how to do this you purchase the keys to the kingdom and start unlocking doors of opportunity.

2. I love ScreenFlow. For any of you who’ve taken some of my online courses or listened to my pre-recorded webinars, this is what I’ve been using. It’s an economically, user-friendly tool that has helped me make more money. If you have online content you may want to try this out to deliver your content.

3. This month I’m extremely proud of my client Women Evolution who is launching an AMAZING opportunity for a woman to be mentored. I’m thrilled to see their work come to fruition. If you’re a women rising in the corporate ranks, you’ll benefit from this incredible mentorship.

4. Calls before coffee. About a million people a week ask me to meet for coffee. I love coffee and I love people, but the fact of the matter is I can’t justify meeting one million people a week or drinking one million cups of coffee so in lieu of coffee I schedule a fifteen-minute call. This gets us to the heart of the matter quickly and determines whether there’s a viable reason to meet in person. Everyone wins and it saves an enormous amount of time which is a precious resource. When you think of all the time it takes to drive to and from a “quick coffee” plus the actual meeting, it never takes less than an hour. Getting it down to fifteen minutes serves all parties.

5. I love Derek Sivers TED Talk on How to Start a Movement dissecting a video in 3 minutes. It’s funny, it’s relevant, and what I love so much about TED. I believe we can learn important lessons in an economical amount of time. I saw this narrated video quite a while ago but it’s relevance about leadership still resonates with me.

6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Harvard Business Review blog post on picking up the phone. I can’t tell you how much of my training is devoted to literally teaching people what to say on the phone. The very morning I read this post, my Educational Director had called me about a particular prospect and said, “I think I just need to pick up the phone.” She was right. I always say the phone is the fastest, cheapest, most underutilized business development tool, and this post expresses it beautifully.


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