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I have had the sort of week that makes me want to cry and sell all my belongings and live in a yurt, (even though I don’t even like to camp), or drink all day and watch bad television and cry, oh wait, I already said cry. I like the idea of crying, but as it happens I’m sort of exhausted and dehydrated so I can’t seem to be bothered. So when my friend Valerie asked me what I was going to be for Halloween, I thought she wasn’t paying attention to the week I was having, or had sent the text to the wrong friend. I was planning on being showered and on time, which seemed like more than enough, an aggressive goal in fact.

If I had any energy I would have texted something witty like, I’m going to be fire so I can burn my life down and start over. I was not witty this week. So instead I said, “Whatever I can find in my closet.” In truth I wanted to stay home and sit in the hottest bath I could stand and drink the reddest wine I could find, but this was not a viable option. So I stepped into my closet and emerged as Russian Barbie.

I am nothing like Russian Barbie even though I seem to own all of her clothes and her hair. I’m constantly focused on my children, my clients, and my responsibilities. Russian Barbie is focused on being still, exerting as little energy as possible, and caring only for herself. She doesn’t move quickly or think too far into the future.

Much to my son’s dismay, I spoke in a Russian accent all night, never breaking character. I sat a lot and didn’t get excited about anything.

Russian Barbie taught be that being still slows life down and sometimes a girl needs to just sit a minute. Thanks for the lesson Russian Barbie. I don’t know that I can maintain your beauty regimen, or low heart rate, but I sure am glad to have spent a little time with you.

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