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People ask me if I sleep, or how many extra hours I am allotted for selling my soul to the devil, or if I’m consuming some illegal substance and if so, how much does it cost? I sleep. I’ve never met the devil personally, although I’ve met some unsavory characters that could certainly pass for him; and I don’t consume any performance enhancing drugs illegal or otherwise. I think everyone is asking because it appears as if I’m producing work at the rate of some caffeinated, sleep deprived freak of nature.

But the truth is that there is A LOT I’m not doing. I’m NOT organizing my closet or watching the Housewives of (insert any city in America). I’m not learning French or playing a single Facebook game, don’t invite me, I’ll never play. And let’s be honest, I’m not spending one minute a week on a yoga mat or meditating although a little time in downward dog might be good for me, you’ll never find me in that position. I’m not roller skating or fishing or baking tarts.

I can be lazy and procrastinate about PLENTY of things from oil changes to switching cable packages or changing an insurance policy. These things overwhelm me. You do not want to hire me to organize something or create a spreadsheet for anything -at all- ever.

I get overwhelmed too, but I don’t stay overwhelmed for long. I breathe, take a moment to consume some tea and attack my projects one bite at a time – you know the way you eat an elephant.

There are a host of things that I’m not doing so that I can finish my book, write my second show, attend my sons’ football games, and go to the spa once a month. Time is finite. No matter how much money you have accumulated, you cannot buy, beg, or negotiate for more time. This single empirical fact is what motivates my dedication and makes it very easy to choose where to place my time. Time is a dwindling resource for each of us. I am a mindful steward of my precious resource. That’s all. I’m not particularly special. I’m just clear. I realize over the years as I work with clients that achieving this clarity and making choices about time based on values is what sets my clients free and positions them for more joy and less stress in their personal and professional life. It’s not how long you live, but rather, how much you live in the time you have.

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