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Seeing opportunity is not merely about having a positive attitude, it’s about the capacity to imagine. It seems as though in our daily encounters imagination is exceptionally undervalued. There are simply not enough expansive, imaginative game changers who create their own opportunities and demonstrate to all of us, that there is extraordinary possibility outside of the bounds of our established thinking.

Think of Warren Buffet, Coco Chanel, J.K. Rowling or Steve Jobs. There is a superhuman drive that accompanies daring imagination that challenges our ideas about what is possible. Regardless of what you may feel or think about the short list of names I’ve mentioned, the truth is that each in their own right have or had infinite imagination and a mad love affair with the impossible, and each of them categorically rejected mediocrity or some lesser version of their vision. Let me be clear, these people are also highly disciplined, talented people who have the intellectual acumen to realize their vision. Imagination alone will not bring you wealth and success.

There are a couple of problems with imagination. First, it appears, or we believe that it is a gift rather than something we can cultivate, and secondly, imagination as an important tool for business seems almost laughable. If you can’t teach imaginative thinking and the very idea is relegated to the category of soft and squishy, how do we ignite and commit to our imagination?

Imagination should be a goal of business and a way of life. The ability to reach beyond ourselves and explore uncharted territory is where the greatest opportunity resides.

Challenging our preconceived notions about how to earn, save and grow money is critical in this ever changing and uncertain climate.  Surround yourself with big thinkers who stimulate your creativity, inspire you, and challenge you. Thinking big isn’t enough. You have to be a person of action. Surround yourselves with doers who are not concerned about disturbing common beliefs. The Millionaire Girls’ Movement challenges you to imagine, expand your thinking, stop talking about it and start DOING something! If there something you don’t know – go and learn it, if there is something you want to do, go and make it happen. Be your own champion and astonish yourself!

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