Investment: $500
One-time solution sessions are appropriate for people who either:

  • Have a single issue they need to process to resolution
  • Want an intense brainstorming and strategy session to come up with new ideas or creative solutions to problems that are inhibiting growth

These sessions are intense, deep dive, agenda driven sessions that must be identified and agreed upon prior to meeting. Each client is required to complete assigned pre-work at least 72 hours before the SOLUTION SESSION.

  • I attended a women's retreat that Ann marie facilitated. I was lucky enough to get a one on one coaching session with her where she solved my two biggest issues in less than 30 minutes of discussion. Her direct and humorous disposition work for me and I find her perspective invaluable. Thank you dear for being such a bright star!

    Laura J. Roybal CHCR, HCS Talent Acquisition Manager at Terumo BC
  • If you are in a deep dark ditch Ann Marie not only meets you there she helps shine the light on the way out...all the while not allowing the ditch to become your home.

    Karen Van Dyke Senior Care By Design
  • Working with Ann marie Houghtailing is an über creative experience that starts with a shot of adrenaline. All of one’s senses are engaged and heightened by the genius that is Ann marie's thought processes.  One is left dazed and amazed with the clarity and direction one has at the end of each session.  In a word:  powerful!

    Deborah Gerard Professional Life Coach


Investment: $3,500
The 10-week intensive is the most popular coaching plan, which includes 10 consecutive weeks of one on one coaching by phone. *In person coaching is available upon agreement. Each one-hour session is dedicated to a client’s specific goals, which can range from business development strategies, consultation and communication plans, content strategy and business decision-making. This is a highly customized coaching plan tailored to the needs of the individual client. Goals and objectives are established in the first session to ensure clarity of purpose and direction. Attorneys, authors, entrepreneurs, and artists have all participated in the intensive to reach new professional heights, break through plateaus, develop new services and develop sustainable business development strategies.

The 10-week intensive is a rigorous, focused plan where new ideas are formed, clarity is achieved, and accountability is required.

  • Ann Marie is one of the most creative individuals I know. She is detail oriented, and works hard to help her clients realize success. Ann Marie possesses in-depth knowledge in business, her tenacity is extraordinary, her integrity never wavering. Ann Marie leads by example, and inspires individuals to strive to be the best. The results I experienced with her guidance exceeded expectations professionally and personally. Ann Marie is an asset to anyone looking to increase sales, improve strategic planning, and in need of business coaching. Please feel free to message me regarding this recommendation.

    Stephanie Ringgold College Educator and Owner of Tea Shea and MajesTea
  • This is what it's like to work with Ann marie one-on-one: Actionable: Ann marie says: "Do this first, then do this, then do this." Small bites that are achievable so you feel like you can take on more. Articulate: Ann marie will ask a question about what you are trying to achieve. You speak. She says it back to you in a way that is so much grander and clearer that your pen is racing across your notebook trying to keep up with the brilliance of what is coming out of her mouth so that you can use a version of it in your mission statement. Focused: When you are talking with Ann marie you feel like you are her only client. Even though you know she has clients who are making gobs more money and working on a much grander scale, when you are with her you are the most important person in the world.

    Gayle Feallock Just Imagine Weddings and Ministry


Investment: $1,500
The quarterly check-in is a one-hour session each quarter to maintain the integrity of annual plans and address challenges. This option is generally recommended for clients who have completed either the SOLUTION SESSION or 10-WEEK INTENSIVE. If a client has not completed a coaching plan, the potential client must provide a business development plan to assess eligibility.

Quarterly check-ins are more than check-ins, they are a focused, intensive meeting to keep your plan on track, get specific feedback, and ensure that you are hitting critical bench marks. Without the ability to reconnect with your purpose and refine your focus, it’s easy to get derailed and lose time and money. Quarterly check-ins keep you motivated, engaged and accountable so that you do not abandon yourself or your vision.

  • Ann marie is a visionary and a motivator with an uncanny way of taking a complicated situation and synthesizing it down to workable parts. As a business woman, actor, writer and speaker - she is intuitive, intelligent, thoughtful, humorous and innovative. She takes the challenges life presents and transforms them into opportunities then into inspirational words of wisdom that we all can benefit from. Truly one of the most unique and talented people you will ever meet.

    Mary Lou Carolan Community Development and Marketing Expert


Investment: $5,800
The ONE-YEAR PLAN is a monthly 75-minute session over the phone with unlimited e-mail communication. This plan is available for highly dedicated individuals committed to a long-term vision or professional plan. As we rise to our full potential, reach our goals, and become masters of our profession, new challenges arise, more complex decision-making is required and the ability to be nimble and adjust becomes more critical.

Clients who are building companies, growing a dynamic business, developing something new or seeking to make partner in a firm are excellent candidates for the ONE-YEAR PLAN.

  • Ann marie Houghtailing helped me make money and look at my business goals in new and profitable ways. In my initial coaching session with her, we developed a new angle for my company, a business development plan, and she helped me identify the holes within my existing structure. I made the changes and explored the areas she suggested. In just two months – and after two sessions – I attained new clients, new revenue and now have a clear goal about my business. I also have a business development plan in place that did not exist prior to our coaching. Before Ann marie’s coaching, I felt like I was chasing dollars. Now I’m actually in a position where the money is coming to me. Whether you’re in a large company or an entrepreneur, I highly recommend Ann marie as someone who will change your life.

    Leah R. Singer Writer and Marketing Specialist
  • I've hired Ann marie three times in the last couple years and she's always provided exceptional results and incredible value. I first met her as a student in one of her courses at USD's Sales and Business Development Institute. I was so impressed by her ability to break down the sales process into a series of simple steps that I hired her to train my sales team at TV Magic, Inc. She did a phenomenal job training our sales staff. The course proved valuable for everybody involved, from our seasoned sales veterans to our non-experienced rookies. She even spent time with the Operations department explaining their part in the sales process and how they could contribute and drive our revenue and profitability. Additionally, she consulted for our executive team to help us align and integrate our sales strategy into our overall business plan. Her methodology was so impressive that in 2011 I hired her as an Executive Coach. She was as effective and inspiring in this role as she was in our previous engagements. Her insight and ability to lay out a strategy were invaluable in shaping my career path. I not only endorse Ann marie, but admire her for her drive, energy, and perseverance. She is a consummate professional and an awe-inspiring human being. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am convinced that I will engage her again.” Benito Behar

    Benito Behar Technical Account Manager at Grass Valley, a Belden Brand


If you decide to hire a coach or consultant here is what I advise:

  1. Trust your gut. It doesn’t generally lie to you and you need to choose someone who feels right to you.
  1. Ask yourself if you are willing to tell this person the truth. If you aren’t – keep looking.
  1. If you ask for references and call those references, outcomes are only the surface of what you should be asking. Ask about what they learned. What you learn is what you take with you. A simple outcome is a one-time affair. I actually think you’ll learn more from interviewing other coaches than interviewing someone’s clients.
  1. Look at the business of the person you’re hiring. Does he or she reflect your values? Read what they write and listen to what they say. If it’s all sales pitch and no humanity, then keep looking.
  1. Steer clear of a one-size fits all approach. You come to the process with your own unique challenges, strengths, history and desire. Choose someone who has an approach that is suited to your individuality and respectful of your character. Working with the right expert to guide you through your challenges, help you get out of your own way, and reach your highest and best self is exciting, interesting, demanding and extraordinary. I feel privileged to do this work. Choose someone who will feel privileged to work with you and for you.


Who are your clients?

My clients are generally extremely smart, competent humans who have a challenge they want to address. The majority of challenges are related to revenue generation, salary negotiation or a significant professional transition. Most of my clients are attorneys, entrepreneurs and professional service providers. I also have a mix of rebels and renegades who defy typical categories and want to blaze a trail of their own creation.

Why should I hire you?

The honest answer is that I don’t know that you should hire me. Consultations are an opportunity to assess where you are, where you want to go and whether or not I’m the best person to help you get there. If I’m the best choice for you, you’ll know after one conversation and if I’m not, you’ll know that too. I want every client to feel I’m the best business decision they’ve ever made.

I redirect about twenty percent of clients who want to work with me because I don’t feel that I’m the right match for them. It’s not about some façade of exclusivity; it’s just a matter of professional integrity. If I think it’s the wrong time for you or I’m not really who you need to hire, I’ll tell you what I think you really need instead.

Am I ready?

If you are willing to do what others are unwilling to do to achieve success- you’re ready. If you’re willing to commit emotionally, financially and personally – you’re ready. If you’re scared – welcome to the human race! Not everyone wins the gold medal, travels the world, launches their business, or reaches professional excellence.

The biggest barriers we must overcome are those we erect for ourselves. Facing our own struggles to achieve our potential is the work of a courageous and dedicated bunch for whom “no” is a small, single syllable, two-letter word with no power. If you are willing to say, “What next?” instead of “Why me?”, then you are ready!

What is it like to work with you?

This question is best answered by my clients.

“Working with Ann marie over the last year is hands down the reason I went from concept to action with Women Evolution. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time, and I would recommend her services to anyone who is honestly ready to go beyond what you think is possible. Her creativity and ability to relate while giving tangible advice is by far the best in the industry. I also aspire to have the amount charisma and attention she demands on stage. I am honored to have worked with her and hope to continue to do so in the future”

Shavon Lindley, Women Evolution

“I would like to tell you a story. There was once an international lawyer who didn’t want to be an international lawyer any more. She wanted to be a cross cultural business consultant and a thought-leader that would drive the benchmark for business, political and civic global communication. It was a lofty task; the world did not seem ready for the concept. Along came Ann Marie Houghtailing to the rescue. She helped the lawyer become the thought-leader and that thought-leader is now the consultant for some of the largest companies in the world,some of the most important governmental bodies, and some of the most prestigious universities. End of story … except to say … that I have never met a more dedicated, capable or action-oriented sales consultant in my life, nor do I ever expect to. If you are thinking of using her, I will tell you before you begin,that it is money well spent.”

Denise Pirrotti Hummel, J.D., Human Capital Principal at EY

“I have run a successful insurance agency since 1994, so I am not an easy person to impress, especially when it comes to sales training, marketing or coaching. I have been described as driven and relentless, and am often asked how I find the time to get everything I do, done. Having a coach has always seemed like an unnecessary expense.


The moment I met Ann Marie I knew I had found a person who could take my game to a higher level. She is knowledgeable, articulate, creative and innovative. I have grown more in the last year than I have in the last 10. I can’t say enough about her infectious enthusiasm and her ability to ignite dormant passion for your career the way she does.

If you want your business to explode, want to have more fun making more sales more easily, hire her. If you don’t; well, hire someone else.”

Susanne Romo, Speaker, Synergy

Is your coaching for professional or personal development?

Yes! It’s completely impossible to segregate your personal and professional self. We are integrated, complex humans. While most of the work I do is focused on revenue generation, negotiation and business, who you are as a person is what defines your triumphs as well as your struggles.

What happens in one area of your life impacts other areas of your life. Trying to compartmentalize our humanity is deleterious. CEOs, attorneys, writers, scientists, artists, builders and accountants – we are all human. Our professional life is part of not apart from who we are as individuals.

Can I talk to some of your past clients?

People are often surprised at my response to this question. Yes, of course you can talk to my clients, but you are better served speaking with two of my competitors than two of my clients. I’m not threatened by the idea of you speaking with a competitor, if competitor is even the accurate word. On the contrary! I think it’s important that you speak to people to find the best fit for YOU.

I was the best fit for my clients but that doesn’t really tell you anything about whether I will be right for you. Trust your instincts. If after our conversation you aren’t 100% certain that I’m your person, then I’m not your person. Every coach worth anything will teach you to trust yourself. I don’t have any interest in manipulating, convincing or coercing anyone to pay me. I only want to work with the people I can help. It doesn’t serve me or my business to “sell” coaching to people.

I strongly suggest you use the tips below to help you interview an appropriate coach. Every one deserves the right person. Choose someone who is exquisitely suited to you. Do not settle.

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